In the back tracks of GDPR

2018-07-31 0 By stefan

Are you worried about the information gathered about you on the net? That is a dual sided problem. Absence of information can reveal as much as the info you are worried about. I am always rather careful about how I post info on social medias such as Facebook and other places. But if you are a frequent poster lest say at least once a day, then you should start worrying about what you should do when its vacation time. If you post about your vacation you reveal that you are not home, if you don’t post anything, you reveal that something is going on that is not normal. Could it be vacation time, or have you had an incident leading to hospitalization?

Working with sensitive issues demands that you have thought these issues threw. If you post pictures on Instagram of your children frequently, and suddenly you see in the surrounding environment in the background that you are not at home. It will not take much effort to find out how long your last vacation was, and when you could be expected home. Thinking security is not something you should do when you are about to change something. It is a way of life you should live!

Living in Sweden everyone knows that access to information is rather easy. Finding out who is the owner of a car is done within seconds if you have the right app installed on your phone. And at the same time your phone can be giving away far much more info than you wanted.

So, spending some time in the settings questioning why it is so, isn’t such a bad idea. In fact, you should do this frequently and really question your self is this setting needed as it is?